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    About Jierui
R.S. Jierui Garden Limited
Established in 2005
With more than 19 years experience in lawn and garden field. 

Subsidiary list:

Yuyao Zhongyu Irrigation Products Co., Ltd.
Established in 2010
Total workers: 68
Total square: 4600 m 2
Main facility: Zinc die-casting machine(5 sets)  Alu. Die-casting machine (4 sets) Assembly line (4 sets)
Manufacturing: Metal impact, metal spray nozzle, metal hose end fittings.
Total turnover in 2015-2016 is USD 2,900,000.00 

Yuyao Shengda Gardening Products Co.,Ltd.
Established in 2003
Total workers: 86
Total square: 5200 m2
Main facility: Plastic injection machine(14 sets)  Assembly line(4 sets)
Manufacturing: Plastic whirler, plastic spray nozzle, plastic hose end fittings, turf products, accessories of pump.
Total turnover in 2015-2016 is USD 3,100,000.00 

Yuyao Huaheng Plastic & Hardware Co.,Ltd.
Established in 1999
Total workers: 228
Total engineers: 5
Total square: 5500 m 2
Main facility: Plastic injection machine(48 sets)  Assembly line (6 sets) Tooling shop
Manufacturing: Plastic impact, plastic spray nozzle, hose end fittings turf products.
Total turnover in 2015-2016 is USD 6,700,000.00

Tel: +86 574 6298 0803   Fax: +86 574 6298 0805  ICP: 06001827 Copyright (C) R.S. Jierui Garden Limited